Toronto Squirrels Removal

The Problems they Pose

Squirrels, much like other rodents, are very good chewers and can cause detrimental damage to your home or office building. Whether it’s wood, wires, shingles or plastic, squirrels can expertly chew their way through and create small openings into your building. Not only will squirrels be able to enter the building, they will open the way for other wildlife such as raccoons, mice, bats and insects to follow.

It may be not be completely obvious, but over time, small problems can lead to much larger ones, especially when it comes to the structural integrity of your home or building. Damage caused by squirrels and other wildlife can result in leaks, structural decay, erosion and a weakened building infrastructure.

The Solution is 360 Wildlife

Because the removal of these small rodents can be troublesome and time-consuming, it is best left to well-trained professionals. If you suspect that your home, office, commercial or industrial property has squirrels, do not hesitate to call us. We can provide you with a quote to get the job done safely, securely and in a time-effective manner.

Our wildlife removal team has experience with squirrels and can prevent these unwelcome intruders from returning. Our methods are safe and humane.

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