Toronto Skunk Removal

Skunks: The Problem

Skunks, as most are too familiar with, can pose a very serious problem during encounters with humans. They stink! They are famous for the deterrent they emit to dissuade predators from attacking. This liquid is absolutely repugnant, and very difficult to remove from clothes and skin. Skunks produce an almost oil-like, viscous liquid as a deterrent, and this can be extremely troublesome to deal with as an unsuspecting victim. The mist of this liquid emitted from below their tails can travel as far as 10 feet from the point of projection. Undoubtedly, if Skunks are roaming around your home, business or commercial building establishment in Toronto, you are going to want to remove them as fast as possible.

A common misconception regarding the liquid deterrent is that it is harmful to humans. Although highly discomforting, it will never cause any significant damage to victims. This liquid is used as a defensive technique against luring predators such as wolves and coyotes.

The 360 Wildlife Solution

We understand that Skunks could be interfering with your peace of mind, business relations, or personal comfort. We have a team of highly skilled animal removal technicians that are trained in the humane, safe and time-effective removal of animals such as Skunks, Raccoons, Squirrels, Bats and Birds. Skunk damage is relatively easy to spot, and for obvious reasons, doesn’t take much technological sophistication to identify. From here, we proceed by determining any possible local entry points that they may have employed to enter your home attic, office building or restaurant in Toronto. Apart from the removal of these pesky animals, our staff can teach you a bit about how to prevent Skunks from revisiting the premises.

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