Toronto Hornet Extermination

The Trouble that Hornets Cause

Due to their ability to sting, Hornets, more so than wasps and bees, are particularly annoying and troublesome pests to encounter. Although they do not pose any serious or lasting threats to humans, if your home or business in Toronto has these bugs lingering, you are most likely looking to have them removed. Hornets build nests and seek shelter in places such as eaves, tree branches, corners of buildings and rooftops. They are extremely mobile and agile, and this makes them especially annoying to young children and the elderly. Granted that Hornets are a crucial part of our eco-system, feeding on lower insects, they are also scavengers.

Due to the nature of fall weather, Hornets nests are far more visible during those months as compared to the summertime. Often times, the problem associated with Hornets is simply identifying the source of their multiplication or shelter.

Our Solution

Being in such close proximity to us, Hornets need to be dealt with as soon as possible, and as professionally as possible. In Toronto, you can trust 360 Wildlife to take care of this for your home or business. Our trained professionals are equipped with the right tools, experience and skills to effectively rid the area of these pesky insects. Not only are we trained to deal with Hornets, we can just as efficiently handle Bees, Wasps, Cockroaches, Ants and Bed Bugs.

When it comes to the nests of Hornets, they don’t necessarily need to be removed, especially in the fall. This is because the nests will be destroyed naturally, by winter, and therefore will no longer pose much of a threat. However, in the summer months in Toronto, such as June and July, it is imperative to have the nests entirely removed as soon as they can be identified. A relieving fact about Hornet populations is that only the Queens survive through winter. This means that the vast majority of the population of Hornets near your home or business dies off and doesn’t have to be dealt with on a season-to-season basis.


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