Toronto Bed Bug Extermination

The Problem

Bed bugs are extremely common pests for home and business owners alike in the Toronto and surrounding areas. They affect us in various settings; Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Industrial, Schools and even Hospitals.

These pestering critters are reddish brown, and they feed on human blood. They can survive up to a full year without any food and this is what makes them such a nuisance. Bed bugs are active during the night, so it is hard for an untrained person to spot them in daylight. The infestation of bed bugs is highly complex and requires professional assistance for total extermination. For this reason, the extermination process is best left to Pest Control professionals.

The most common symptom of bed bugs experienced is irritation, the severity of which varies from person to person. Some people experience red itchy and bumpy spots, and sometimes even severe pain due to exposure to bed bugs. Apart from the physical pain and discomfort, it is almost impossible to get a good nights rest in a bed infested with these pests. It is imperative to have them entirely removed at your earliest possible convenience.

Possible Damage to Buildings

Apart from the health risks associated with raccoons, there are some very real risks raccoons pose to our homes and office buildings. Being agile, nimble and adept at climbing, raccoons are quite capable of reaching the most remote heights of common buildings. There are many ways that raccoons can cause damage to your property. Raccoons are easily able to enter homes and commercial buildings through shingles, attic openings, roofs, eaves and even uncapped chimneys. From there, they can establish nests and give birth to their young within your home. This can be quite costly and difficult to deal with alone. We have trained professionals that can efficiently, effective and quickly rid your home or building of these unwanted guests.

Toronto Pest Control Services

The Difference with 360

You can be sure that our services are not only safe, but also humane to the animals. When raccoon mothers have litters of children, it is important to deal with them in a way that none of the babies are harmed. It is equally important to ensure that the mother is also relocated safely.

We place a great deal of emphasis on making sure that the procedures we follow are fair, effective and safe for everyone involved. Once we have removed the raccoons from their place of residence, we ensure that the entrance is completely sealed so that such an event does not take place again. With 360 Wildlife, you can truly have peace of mind that the job was done correctly.


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